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Best practice dementia care at your fingertips


World’s first practical dementia tool to guide professionals and carers through the dementia journey

My Dementia Companion and Future of Ageing Award

Our customers

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How do we support you?

My Dementia Companion PRO supports professionals to improve care, reduce staff stress, save time and reduce compliance risk.

It achieves rapid ROI by working as part of the workflow across assessments, care planning, ad hoc support and more.

The CARER tool helps self-directed family and friend carers to make caring and life easier for their loved one with dementia.

Both tools are very easy to use through your smartphone or computer.

Dementia is very complex.

Families are​ often too overwhelmed by the support information designed to guide them. 

Professionals are passionate people who just want to help, but are unable to. They are too stretched and stressed with the available resources and tool to deliver the care that their clients and families need.

The My Dementia Companion can help.

My Dementia Companion Awards and Recognition

Who are we?

My Dementia Companion is a passion project with the mission to ensure all all people impacted by dementia are empowered to make informed decisions to care and live well.

Our dedicated volunteers and team members are carers, health care workers and innovators.

Our smart technology is trusted by the industry after winning many awards and grants, and featured on key industry websites such as My Aged Care, OPAN, Department of Health, HealthPathways clinical portal, and more.

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