Start using My Dementia Companion now!

We are excited to invite family and friend carers to receive practical and personalised support from the new My Dementia Companion platform for FREE. It is smarter and has more information that is tailored for you.

Join us, if you are a friend or family carer looking after someone living with dementia and would like to learn more about the disease, figure out what to do and how to find help.

What's in it for you:

  • receive FREE support from this innovative dementia support tool, with 500 sections of support information and over 200 practical tips from other carers

  • access all the support that is tailored to you all in one place throughout your whole dementia journey, so you won't have to Goolge too much and get lost.

How to get started:

  • complete a 2min survey by clicking here and then you can start the tool!

  • we will reach out during the next few weeks to see how you are going and whether you need any help

  • the survey was recommended by Dementia Australia as part of our grant. If you are not comfortable with it, please let us know and we can still help.

We are here to help:


  • please Contact Us if you have any questions. We are also happy for a chat if you prefer, please tell us your phone number

  • we have created a short video to help you get started below:

We would like to thank all our volunteers, experts, Department of Health, Dementia Australia and Deloitte for making this possible.


Emily, family carer

“Thank you so much for creating this website. It’s long overdue and just wanted to say excellent job with this! Very well set out, easy to read and intuitive.”

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