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The CARER Demo Presentation

The CARER app walks self-driven family and friend carers through one of life's most challenging journeys.


It provides bite-sized, practical and personalised support resources in a timely manner, from early to late stages of dementia. This includes:

  • navigating the care system more easily to access support, subsidies and services

  • managing challenges more confidently, including daily challenges or changed behaviours.

You can click on the image below, and slide left or right to see the demo presentation slides.

Note, you can:

  • Click here to view a short video explaining how the CARER tool works, including the registration process, navigating the tool, and principles of managing changed behaviours and daily challenges. You can share this video or watch it with others

  • Click here to view our Detailed CARER Starter Guide, which contains step-by-step guide to register, onboard and use the key features within the CARER tool. It is similar to the steps we have taken during the demo with you

  • Click here to return to CARER Champion resources.

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