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We are registering for our first pilot! And we thank you!

After many years of witnessing frustrated and stressed out carers, and after another couple of years of trying to work out a new way to support them, we are finally ready!

As our first announcement, we are excited to introduce our Stage 1 Pilot. It is now ready to help families and friends caring for a loved one with dementia!

Our super easy to use online tool guides families through one of life’s most challenging journeys by providing them with bite-sized and personalised support information. So instead of being confused or overwhelmed with what to do, carers are empowered to care for themselves, their loved one with dementia and live well at home for longer.

Please click here to learn more.

A big thank you to all our amazing supporters who have helped us make this happen: Prof Pei, Victoria, Sarah, Julie, Adrian, Anne F, John, Anne T, Kathryn, Tara, Karen and Kerin, Rae, Jenna, Stephen, Carrie, Liz, Leslie, Joe, Belinda, Rebecca, Bernard, Denise, Kathleen, Glenn, Chris, Adam, Geoff, Megan, Margaret, Harry, Chloe, Kerri-Ann, Philip, Tanya, David, Department of Health, Dementia Australia, Deloitte, Caladenia Dementia Care, the Dementia Knowledge Network, Monash University... Please let us know if we missed anyone.


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