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May content update: new Section & featured Tip

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

The past few months have been very eventful for the dementia care space, carers and us, including:

  • the Federal Budget for aged care, dementia care and supporting information for (family and friend) carers. As this is well covered elsewhere, we provided a short summary here

  • our excitement to continue our collaboration with Caladenia Dementia Care for the next phase of our journey with the generous support from the Mable Community Grants and the Arcare Family Foundation. You can read more here

  • a new Section on “Funding for aids and equipment” under the Topic “Subsidies and support to help Alice”. You can read more below.

Section update: Subsidies and support to help Alice (family carer)

Leveraging new tools, equipment and technology to support your caregiving activities. However, the challenge may include not knowing what’s available and how to get them funded.

We have created a new Section “Funding for aids and equipment” under the Topic: “Subsidies and support to help Alice” to help you with this.

You can find this by browsing for the Topic or search for “aids” under the “More Topics” tab.

Featured Tip

For this month, we turn our attention to a Tip on aged care homes and dementia from Clare, who’s looking after her mum:

"My mum moved into residential care recently and was unsettled, walking all around, trying to find out how to escape from the building. She also constantly called out that she wants to go home.
The nurse manager suggested that we try to ‘“step into her world’” and ask questions about whatever she is talking about. This really helped.
Later on, we learnt that mum wasn't settling in because she thought we weren't going to visit anymore. She started to relax thinking that we were there and also talking to her.
I also find listening to music and looking at pictures very helpful to help mum settle in.”

This Tip demonstrates how a foreign environment and people could be daunting for people living with dementia, leading to changed behaviours. However, this can be managed through simple techniques such as creating a dementia friendly environment and validating Clare’s mum’s experience with dementia friendly communication. This Tip is located in:

  • the Section “What to do if John repeatedly wants to go home?” under the Topic “Aged care home and dementia”

  • The Section “Repeatedly wanting to go home while living in an aged care home” under the Topic “Repetition and dementia”.


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