Scenario 10: Empowering you and checking-in

Scenario takeaway

  • This series of scenarios following the person with dementia (Bill) and carer  (Jane) does not represent all the content the PRO has to offer.

  • Please take some time to explore the resources, which can help to save you more time in the future, improve care and increase compliance.

  • The content is curated from reputable sources, giving you the peace of mind and confidence to help your clients and families.

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Scenario notes

Over time, carers and people with dementia will likely be needing your guidance across all of the Topics and Sections. Many of them are not covered by this series of Scenarios, such as falls and dementia, advanced dementia, palliative and end of life care, aged care homes (including transitioning into them), anxiety and depression, and MANY MORE

Please take some time to explore the content to empower your clients and families with the resources they need to live well. The PRO is designed to work alongside you as part of your day-to-day workflow.


Furthermore, all of the resources are curated from reputable sources and are designed to support the person,c arers and families. This can give you the peace of mind and confidence to use it to help your clients and families to achieve a better outcome.

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  • The scenarios do not cover all of the content in My Dementia Companion, nor all the ways it could be used. Please keep exploring!

  • All the information is curated from reputable sources that are designed for people like Jane and Bill. So, assess and if relevant, share with confidence! 

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  • Contact us if you have any questions via the “Questions?” button or the chat icon within the tool, email us or sms/call us 0406 257 729 during business hours.​