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Scenario 6: Compliance made easy for your day-to-day practice

Scenario takeaway

  • Your shared record can be used as evidence for your ongoing person-centred support

  • You can click on the “Shared” tab and type in the carer’s email or their full name for a list of all your support communication through the PRO, e.g. Bill and Jane (or use the "View as Bill & Jane" in the "All info" tab to view them by Topics)

  • This list also shows a progression of your client’s dementia and your matching and tailored (person-centred) support.

Tasks to complete

  1. Click on the “Shared” tab

  2. In the Search field, enter a client or the carer’s full name or email (use the same as what you have used to share content with them)

  3. Scan down to see a “paper trail” showing their progression, and your matching person-centred support for them.

Accountant at Work

Scenario notes


Your workplace is being audited by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission. 

You have learnt from your peers in other organisations that it’s no longer sufficient to demonstrate that you have delivered quality dementia care by simply referring your clients and carers to a phone number or a website, for them to self-manage. 

To show you have delivered quality care, you are likely to be required to show evidence of your specific and detailed support by providing timely, quality and up-to-date information to Bill and Jane’s specific requests and needs, including personal and clinical care, planning and daily living  (Standard 1-4).

Poor quality dementia care planning is one of the most common non-compliant findings in audits by the Commission.

Using "Shared" tab to show evidence

Together with your clinical notes, you can use your historical shared content to easily show the auditors your ongoing support for your clients and their families, such as for Bill and Jane. 

You can do this by clicking on the “Shared” tab and typing in Jane’s email or her full name (if you have "View as Bill & Jane" selected, this filtering is automatic). You may also want to save the email file that you get CC’ed on when sharing content also for audit purposes.

Looking down the list, it clearly shows the ongoing progression of Bill’s dementia and associated support resources and support sessions you have provided over time.

Showing care and progress for Bill and Jane

The “paper trail” (history of Topics and Sections shared) also shows the progression of Bill’s dementia over a number of months.

Using the "View as client & carer" in "All info" tab as evidence


Alternatively, you can select “View as Bill and Jane” in the “All info” tab to see a record of all your shared activities for various Topics:

  • They are marked with the shared symbol for each Section

  • The number of shared Sections out of total Sections is displayed in the middle column.



  • The scenarios do not cover all of the content in My Dementia Companion, nor all the ways it could be used. Please keep exploring!

  • All the information is curated from reputable sources that are designed for people like Jane and Bill. So, assess and if relevant, share with confidence!

  • Handy user tips include: why learn dementia careshortcuts/app icons, adding us to safe sender list, registration tipssharingextra tips and tricks

  • Contact us if you have any questions via the “Questions?” button or the chat icon within the tool, email us or sms/call us 0406 257 729 during business hours.​

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