Supporting you: professionals and providers

The My Dementia Companion tool is being recommended by many health care professionals and aged care/ disability providers to their clients.


It is a passion project, so it is FREE and supports them in many ways:

Better outcomes for clients & families

Empower your clients' carers to look themselves and their loved ones

Easier for you to suppor them

Save you time, differentiate your service and all information updated fortnightly

Aligns to Royal Commission Recommendns

Improve consumer choice, improve information access and innovate for better care

Align to Aged Care Quality Standards

Standard 1, 2, 3 and 4


You can:


  • click here for an overview of the My Dementia Companion tool

  • click here for our Stage 1 Pilot findings, including our Net Promoter Score of 52 (5 x higher than an average top American company), learnings and lessons for innovation in dementia care

  • click here to view a list of general resources we have collated.

How you could help?

Please help your clients by referring them to My Dementia Companion. Remember, it is a passion project and FREE tool to empower as many people impacted by dementia as possible to live well.

To get started, you or your care team could:

1. Incorporate My Dementia Companion into your care planning or onboarding

2. List it on your web resources for clients or families

3. click here to book a Live Demo for us to walk you through the tool (we are happy to present at your clinical meetings)

4. click here to Contact Us if you have any questions.

Please note, the My Dementia Companion tool works best in Chrome and on your smartphone (not yet on tablets and Internet Explorer).

Don't forget, you can:

  • click here to look at our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • watch the a short video below to help you understand how it works:

see transcript here.


We would like to thank all our volunteers, experts, Department of Health, Dementia Australia and Deloitte for making this possible.