User Tip: Why learn about dementia care? What is it? How is PRO different to training modules?

According to the Royal Commission into Aged Care, the evidence of sub-standard dementia care is persistent in the inquiry.


You or some of your care team may have wondered:

  • What is the point of all this information, especially since dementia has no cure? 

  • In fact, what is dementia care and how does PRO fit into it?

  • How is this different to training?

Key takeaway

  • Dementia has no cure and is complex. Care professionals can’t be with families 24/7 to help, but families can still live well by educating themselves with the know-how to manage challenges at home. This is a large part of dementia care.

  • The abundance of existing dementia resources to help with the above can be complex to navigate. The PRO solves this by organising the resources into simple checklists to 1) help you identify unmet needs in assessments or care reviews, then 2) map them to clients' dementia journey for you guide them through, or respond to challenges with confidence. So, they can remain independent and live well at home for longer.

  • Unlike a training module, the PRO is an intuitive tool that supports your day-to-day work so you can deliver best practice dementia care with confidence whilst saving time.

Adult Students

Detail notes:

Why bother learning?

While dementia has no cure, families can still learn care and coping strategies to live well at home. This has been proven beyond doubt in studies and as evident in guidelines, such as the Practice Guidelines and Principles of Care for People with Dementia.

As a professional, you play a central role in empowering your frontline care team, clients and families. This is because:

  • We can't send professionals to be with your client or carer 24/7

  • Dementia is complex for a layperson and you are often their first point of call for all things dementia including guidance, assessment, referrals and support

  • By confidently guiding families through their unique dementia journey, they can preemptively manage all challenges, which means a smaller chance of things “getting out of hand" later for all parties involved and an overall improvement in outcome

  • This also allows you to feel satisfied in your role as you can help them navigate this complex journey more easily and build a stronger relationship with higher client and family satisfaction.

So, a large part of dementia care is empowering everyone with dementia care know-how to plan, act and live well!

Holding Hands

How does the PRO fit into this?

As educating and empowering families is so important, a lot of investment has been made in developing dementia resources. You may ask “why do we need the PRO”?


Unfortunately, due to the complexity of dementia, which ultimately touches on all aspects of life, the resources have ended up being overwhelming and difficult to navigate or use on the job. This leaves many professionals having to resort to:


  • Hours of Googling a week

  • Sieving through their messy and out-of-date folders or notes

  • All the while worried if they have missed anything, if the information is quality or up-to-date, etc.


This is why professionals have requested us to build the PRO. It overcomes this problem by organising the resources into easy-to-use checklists and maps them to one’s dementia journey for you to guide clients and families through.

All clients and families impacted by dementia are likely needing to be guided through almost all of Topics and Sections, as they progress through their journey. 



The PRO is not designed as training modules

While the PRO helps you to empower clients and families, it is not a training module nor does it replace training. It is designed to be embedded into your daily workflow and to support your day-to-day work.

It doesn’t just build knowledge, but also helps you to put the knowledge into practice on the go. For example, you can:

  • use the Topics and what’s shared and not shared with your clients and families to map out one’s journey and provide structure to your assessments, reviews and care planning, including what questions to ask to uncover unmet needs etc.
  • respond to questions in an instant

  • find, personalise and share relevant Sections within a few clicks, even while you are on the phone with your clients and carers

  • etc.


You can see this in action in one of our demos or in our Scenarios.

Please note, we do not replace any training and isn't the single source of truth. We recommend you continue to complete continuous professional development and learning, and explore the resources we refer you to