CARER Demo video and transcript

The short video below quickly demonstrate to you how the My Dementia Companion tool works and support everyone impacted by dementia.


My Dementia Companion is a new way to help families and friends who are carers to someone living with dementia. 


It can help you track your progress, save favourite items and provide you with more tailored support. 

Registration is quick and easy. It involves 5 short questions about you and the person you are caring for.

My Dementia Campion can even support you if the person you are caring doesn’t have a diagnosis yet.

The last question asks you what you want to find out about first.  You can always add more later.


You are now in the Support Inbox. 


The Welcome Topic helps you to learn how to use My Dementia Companion.

Other topics that you might be interested in are available in the middle column, more Topics will be proactively added to the Support Inbox as you progress through your unique journey.


Each Topic has multiple Sections to guide you through it.


Each Section includes links to videos and articles from professional organizations. All the information is together in one place.


Links will open in a new window. Remember to close them to return to My Dementia Companion after you have finished with them.

Tips from other carers are also helpful. Feel free to add any Tips you have to help others.


When you click on Understood, the next Section will appear.


You can use My Dementia Companion at your own pace. If you have Signed In, you will return to where you last left off, we will remember your progress, with a tick marking each completed Section  


You can also save a Section for later and find it in the Saved for Later tab.


You can browse or search for more information in the Find Support tab. You can also add that Topic to the Support Inbox by clicking here.


Once you complete a Topic, it will be moved to Archive tab, you can review it at any time.


My Dementia Companion also provides general dementia Resources.

Thank you. We hope you find all the information and tips in My Dementia Companion helpful.