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Inaugural PRO Pilot wrap up

We are so excited to announce our PRO Pilot is wrapping up!

It has been a very long and rewarding road, and our efforts are finally paying off. We are so honoured to be able to help more care professionals to deliver dementia care excellence with confidence, while saving time and increasing compliance!

Here are some quick highlights

Professional participants included dementia specialist nurses and advisors, case managers, social support workers, occupational therapists and managers in aged care and primary health care.

What professionals are saying:

“It’s awesome! I love that it's user friendly and the [design] is clean!” Manager, Community Care
“I’m addicted to using it!” Dementia advisor, Aged Care
“I love the user friendliness and targeted resources that are broken down into small useable sections” Allied health professionals, Aged Care

Our professionals deserve it

We would like to thank all the amazing participants for their participation, time and valuable feedback, especially during a particularly trying time with a surge in Covid-19 cases, personal challenges and a holiday break. Your patience and suggestions have helped us improve, and in turn, we are able to support many more professionals in their demanding roles.

Plans for the future

Looking into the future, we are more excited and also feel more obligated than ever to push forward.

We would like to work with more professionals to continue to improve. Our aim is to ensure all professionals have the tools they need to deliver dementia care excellence easier and with confidence, so they are less stressed, and so that clients and families can achieve better outcomes.

As such, we will release the PRO to limited organisations for now whilst we continue to improve. If you or your team believe you should be included as part of this release, please get in touch.

You can also learn more about the PRO here.


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