Supporting your dementia journey

What support can My Dementia Companion platform give me?

My Dementia Companion is designed for family carers and friends, who are supporting someone living with dementia. 


It is a FREE digital personal concierge for all things related to dementia. 

It proactively and intuitively gives you practical support and information that is tailored to you. Support includes:

  • finding government subsidies

  • accessing local support and services

  • understand what is dementia

  • learning how to develop care and coping strategies at home

  • and much more.


The support information in the My Dementia Companion platform is unique, because:


  • it spans the whole dementia journey from first sign to later stages

  • you can go through it at your own pace, because it remembers your needs, saved items and where you are in your journey automatically after you have Registered/ Signed In. So if you go away for a cup of tea or do a chore, you can pick up where you left off

  • it's all in one place and you can access it anywhere in your browser, whether it be on your phone or computer (best work in Google Chrome and does not work in Internet Explorer 11 or the iPad yet).

And of course, all your data is kept safe according to all government standards and guidelines. You can read our Privacy Policy here.

Emily, family carer

“Thank you so much for creating this website. It’s long overdue and just wanted to say excellent job with this! Very well set out, easy to read and intuitive.”

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