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Who we are

We are a passion project created by a team of passionate carers, health professionals and innovators, who volunteer their time and want to improve the way people living with dementia are supported by their families, friends and care professionals.

Many of us juggling a day job to keep My Dementia Companion going. We would like to thank everyone who has helped us on our journey, many of whom reached out to us unprompted and only wants to make a difference.

The team
Nan | My Dementia Companion

CEO, Pharmacist, carer, board member and more

Suzanne | My Dementia Companion
Suzanne McMeikin

Head of Client Liaison

Prof Pei | My Dementia Companion
Prof. Pei

COO, MD, professor, carer, health policy and management professional

Deb Stephens | My Dementia Companion
Deb Stephens

Head of Dementia Operations

Adrian | My Dementia Companion
Adrian DeWitts

Tech Advisor

Ian | My Dementia Companion
Ian Tapp

Head of Engagement

Consumer and professional experts

We are so privileged to be supported by our consumer and professional experts, who donate their precious time and wealth of experience to help us realise our mission to improve dementia care.

Sarah | My Dementia Companion
Sarah Yeates

CEO of Caladenia Dementia Care, Secretary to the board of Dementia Alliance International

Julie | My Dementia Companion
Julie De Napoli

Carer and wife of Frank, mother, grandmother, dog mum and small business owner

Victori | My Dementia Companion
Victoria Yeung

Health care professional and manager, marketer

Glenn | My Dementia Companion
Glenn Carroll

Health, digital and product specialist, nurse

John | My Dementia Companion
John Kim

Medical researcher, pharmacist


Many organisations have generously supported us on our quest to improve care and lives of those impacted by dementia. We couldn't have achieved our milestones without their advice, counsel and support.

They include Caladenia Dementia Care, Carers Victoria, Australian Government Department of Health, Dementia Australia, Deloitte, Arcare Family Foundation, CareFactor, Monash University's The Generator, University of Melbourne's MAP, Mable Foundation, Telematics Trust and many more. You can learn more in our Recognition and Achievement page.

Supportrs awards
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