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Supporting PROfessionals and PROviders

Professionals* are struggling with dementia care, leading to suboptimal care, poorer customer experience, staff stress and higher compliance risk for the organisation.

My Dementia Companion PRO solves these problems by working at your fingertips to help you to guide your clients, their families and care workers on what to do, where to go and how to manage challenges.

You can watch the short video below to learn more:

See transcript here.
* Professionals include: case or care managers, care coordinators, dementia advisors, nurses, assessors, OT's, social workers, psychologists/ neuropsychologists and more.

Dementia care excellence at your fingertips

The PRO is a practical app that works within your daily workflow to help you:

  • guide your clients and their families through the dementia journey

  • ​respond to their ad hoc questions and needs instantly, and

  • complete comprehensive assessments, reviews and care plans.

This includes care strategies, referrals, system navigation and more.

↑client & family outcomes

Timely support on care strategies, referrals and system navigation, so clients and families can live well and remain independent.

↑staff support & experience

Workforce is prompted and guided, as opposed to searching online or "guess-work", reducing stress and improving retention.

↑compliance & ↓risk

Comply with Aged Care Quality Standards, the Strengthened Standards, evidencing care, and support for incidents and auditing needs.

Rapid ROI

Easy to implement and recoup investment just after 1 or 2 uses/ month.


A organisation with 20 case managers saves ~$10k per month**.

** An organisation with 20 case managers, 40 clients each and 6 living with dementia saving ~9hr per staff per month


How to get started?
PRO Start

Individual professionals

1. Click on the orange "Launch Tool" button below to start the tool

2. Register for an account


3. Let the PRO tool help you deliver best practice on the go (watch a few short tutorial videos on addressing needs, care planning, changed behaviours and unmet needs etc.)


  • You will receive a tax invoice for tax purposes and remember, you only have to use it once a month to “make your money back” (more on free trial and pricing here)

  • It works in all modern browsers, smartphone and tablet (not compatible with Internet Explorer).


Contact us for:

  • demo or in-service, or discussions with the care team and management on training, implementation, answering any questions and more, including GM, Quality Manager, Clinical Manager etc.

  • Compliance documents, such as Strengthened Standards Mapping, Sample Pre-Audit Tool and much more.

  • Product brochure and proposal that meet your needs.

Looking forward to supporting you in all the amazing work that you do!


  • Learn more about our industry recognition here

  • The PRO is very affordable, easily to implement and has a rapid Return on Investment (ROI) e.g. only use it once a month to “make your money back".

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