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Recognition and achievement

Our journey has been very challenging and rewarding. Alongside our unwavering mission to improve dementia care, the following recognition and achievement have helped us move forward. We are extremely humbled by each one of them.

Featured dementia resource

We are honoured to have the following organisations and resource websites kindly featuring My Dementia Companion as a key dementia resource to help people impacted with dementia.

Department of Health announcement | My Dementia Companion

Department of Health

Decoding Dementia Winner Certificate My Dementia Companion

Dementia Australia

NSW-Government listing | My Dementia Companion

NSW Government

My Aged Care listing | My Dementia Companion

My Aged Care

Dementia Support Australia (Hammond Care) listing | My Dementia Companion

Dementia Support Australia

Councils, dementia alliances listing | My Dementia Companion

Various Local Councils, dementia alliances, carer groups, dementia cafes and more

Healthpathways listing | My Dementia Companion

HealthPathways via various Primary Health Networks (PHNs)

OPAN listing | My Dementia Companion

Older Persons Advocacy Network (OPAN)

Holding Hands

Many more, including research organisations, health services and aged care providers.

Listed as a key dementia source
Decoding Dementia Winner Certificate My
Decoding Dementia

Won Dementia Australia, Australian Government Department of Health and Deloitte's Decoding Dementia Innovation Challenge.

Holding Hands
Very positive feedback

Our CARER app pilot finished with a net promoter score of 52 and PRO pilot finished with a score of 90 (5x & 9x higher than an average American company). 


Accepted and completed The University of Melbourne's Melbourne Accelerator Program.

Collier Charitable Fund

Won Collier Charitable Fund Grant.

Monash Generator.png
The Generator

Completed Monash University Startup Sprint & Accelerator Program.


Won the Arcare Family Foundation Innovation Grant.

Amazing supporters

Collaborating and supported by many industry and community organisations, such as Carers Vic, Caladenia Dementia Care and more.

Ageing Agenda Publication - My Dementia Companion Cropped.png

Won Care Factor Aged Care Innovation Program.


Won the Mable Community Grants.

Telematicss Trust.png
Telematics Trust

Won the Telematics Trust Innovation Grant.

We are humbled to have won the following awards, competitions and grants to enable us to grow, improve and ultimate find ways to better support family and friend carers, the people living with dementia, and care professionals working tiredless to suppor them. 

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