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Pricing: CARER

My Dementia Companion CARER tool is the world's first smart dementia guide that makes the dementia journey simpler, so you are less stressed, overwhelmed and confused about what to do, where to go and what you need to know (more here).

As a passion project created by volunteers, our very modest subscription fee allows us to support more people impacted by dementia now and into the future.

Note: you can learn more about why we charge a very modest fee here.


A comparison between the subscription plans for the CARER tool and the alternative is listed below.

My Dementia Companion CARER Pricing Comparison
My Dementia Companion CARER Pricing Monthly
My Dementia Companion CARER Pricing Yearly

To start your free trial, please click on the orange "Launch Tool" button below.


  • you do not need a credit card to start the trial and you can stop at any time

  • you can cancel at any time

  • please speak to your care provider if you would like to include the subscription as part of your NDIS Plan or My Aged Care Home Care Package. Yearly subscription maybe more convenient in those cases

  • the prices includes GST.

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Don't forget, you can:

  • click here to book a Live Demo for us to walk you through the tool

  • click here to learn about our Recognitions in the sector

  • click here to Contact Us if you have any questions.

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