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Supporting family and friend CARERs

As a passion project created by volunteers, the My Dementia Companion CARER is  designed to guide family and friend carers through one of life's most challenging journeys.

If you are a friend or family supporting someone living with dementia, and having trouble figuring out what to do and how to find help, please let the CARER tool help you.

You can watch a short video below to help you understand how it works:

see transcript here.

How does it help?

As the world's first smart dementia guide, it can help you in many ways:

All in place

We guide you through a wealth of subsidies, support resources and actionable care strategies from experts and also practical tips from other carers.

Your journey

We simplify and tailored "what you need to do" and "where to go next" for you and your loved one's unique journey. So it's relevant and evolves with you over time, from the first signs to late stages of dementia.

At your own pace

The CARER tool remembers your progress, so you can learn at your pace and pick up where you left off at any time. So you won't be lost or overwhelmed.

How to get started?

1. Click on the orange "Launch Tool" button below to start the tool

2. Register for an account (so you can save your progress and useful items)

3. Let the CARER tool guide you through the journey.

Note, it works in all modern browsers, smartphone and tablet (not compatible with Internet Explorer).


Don't forget, you can:

  • watch a short video above on how it works

  • click here to learn about the free trial and very modest subscription fee

  • click here to book a Live Demo for us to walk you through the tool

  • click here to look at our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • click here to Contact Us if you have any questions (we are also happy for a chat if you prefer).

We would like to thank all our volunteers, experts, Department of Health, Dementia Australia and Deloitte for making this possible.

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