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Dementia care excellence in practice

As dementia care can be so overwhelming, we are often asked ‘How can we use My Dementia Companion (MyDC) to deliver quality care in practice and existing workflows?’.

We now have a wonderful article to help illustrate this, which was featured in ACCPA’s Aged Care Today Magazine in partnership with our customer, Astley Care. We thank both organisations for raising awareness for quality care.

Note, MyDC is simple to implement saves staff time and stress, improves care and helps to meet Quality Standards (incl. new Strengthened Standards). Contact us if you would like to learn more.

Short summary

  • Compliance scrutiny on dementia care is increasing and the barrier to quality care is the gap between training and practice for staff

  • You can improve the intake process and how they respond to questions from families by using MyDC’s world-first comprehensive dementia journey, and associated search and share feature

  • MyDC’s Care Pan feature simplifies person-centred care planning by acting as a ‘cheat sheet’ to prompt staff on questions to ask and solutions to implement.

  • Staff activities within MyDC are naturally recorded to save time, evidence care provided, and meet compliance requirements.

The full article

Dementia care excellence in practice in ACCPA's Aged Care Today Magazine with Astley Care and My Dementia Companion

You can read the full article from ACCPA website here (Page 79 or 41 PDF), or below:

Dementia care excellence in practice

A partnership between Astley Care and My Dementia Companion


Dementia is the second most common cause of death in Australia, impacting half a million Australians and 1.5 million caregivers, and is growing rapidly as our population ages. This highlights the urgent need for enhanced dementia care within the sector.

Astley Care is dedicated to enabling clients to lead fulfilling and independent lives in the comfort of their own homes, having made significant investments in workforce education and training.

Bridging the gap between training and practice

Untangling the dementia journey to support intake and questions from families

Streamlining care planning

Effective documentation and evidencing care

MyDC PRO as an industry tool


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