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May 24 update: Start PRO easier & content update

Exciting news - we are opening up PRO access!!

This comes as we are becoming overwhelmed by the number of requests for training, demo and using the PRO, especially after a recent Dementia Australia's Communities of Practice presentation.

We are so pleased that our work is resonating with more passionate professionals, who want to close the training-to-practice gap, and empower families and people living with dementia with best practice care to live well!


Previously, you had to book in a training session with us to start using PRO. This was because all organisation’s processes and approach to dementia care are different, leading to us needing to work with them a bit closer.


As our mission is to get our valuable tool to as many people as possible to help more families and people living with dementia faster, we have invested heavily to improve PRO access. Now:

PRO access | My Dementia Companion
  • You can now sign-up instantly yourself to start a free trial

  • We have a series of new short tutorial videos (2-3min) to get you started on addressing needs, care planning, changed behaviours and unmet needs etc.

  • If you decide to continue as an Individual Subscription, you will receive a tax invoice for tax purposes and remember, you only have to use it once a month to “make your money back”!

  • If you would like your organisation to use and pay for the PRO, simply contact us! We can help with working with senior managers, providing key compliance documentation for the Strengthened Standards, training and more.

Note, if you are a new business and need a hand with the subscription, please contact us - as long as you use it to help as many people as you can!

Together, we're better and we are here to support you to become the next Dementia Change Maker in your day-to-day work!

Content update

New Section on 'Dispute and mediation" in your respective State/Territory

All family members and friends have disagreements, which often resolves naturally. However, sometimes they may need another independent person to help. This can be common on the dementia (or cognitive impairment) journey, where things can be a bit more complicated.

We have curated a new Section about this in each State/Territory, including what is family mediation, where to seek help or a mediator, and more.

You can explore this Section within the Topic "Future Planning: legal matters" from the "More Topics" tab (CARER app) or the "Home" tab (PRO app), or search using keywords like "mediation’, ‘dispute’ etc.

Other updates

As we constantly update our curated resources, we have made hundreds of other updates, including:

  • Wandering/walk about and getting lost

  • More practical templates for creating life stories

  • More soft food options

  • Updates to Companion Card links

  • and much more.

You can explore the above updates by searching using relevant keywords.

Note: minor updates are not documented here, such as some wording changes, URL changes, reference updates etc.

Family Mediation | My Dementia Companion


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