Flyer for family and friend carers

This is a flyer for professionals, care managers and service providers to give to their clients, family or friend carers impacted by dementia.

My Dementia Companion Flyer Clients Fami

This flyer outlines:

  • the My Dementia Companion tool is here to walk family and friend carers through one of life's most challenging and confusing journeys

  • the problem it tackles includes

    • What do I do? Where do I start?

    • What is dementia? How do I treat it?

    • Where do we go for help?

    • What subsidies are we entitled to?

    • What do I do when my loved one is refusing to eat?

    • and more.

  • the tool offers personalised and practical dementia support at your fingertips, through

    • curated support information from professionals

    • practical tips from other carers similar to you

    • much more...​

You can also:

  • click here to book a Live Demo for us to walk you through the tool

  • click here to look at our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • click here to Contact Us if you have any questions (we are also happy for a chat if you prefer).

Emily, family carer

“Thank you so much for creating this new tool. It’s long overdue and just wanted to say excellent job with this! Very well set out, easy to read and intuitive.”

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