Here you will find the Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on the My Dementia Companion CARER tool and how it will help you on your dementia journey.

Why do I have to Register with my email to use it?

The dementia journey can be long, complex and busy. Often you can lose track of useful support information. Registering with your email allows you to save useful items and remember your progress, so you won't lose where you got up to when you exist and come back.

Please note, if you don't click "Sign out", you will stay signed in.

I have issue with my registration
Please click here for user tips on the registration process.
How long should I use My Dementia Companion CARER each time?

Each time you use the CARER tool, you can use it for as long (or as short) as you like. This is because:

  • we understand your life is busy and you may need to exit and come back at different times, e.g. when you have to drop everything to care for your loved one

  • each person's dementia journey is unique and also progresses at different speeds.

Do I need to click a Save button to save my progress?​

No, My Dementia Companion CARER automatically saves your progress as you go. If you exist and come back, you can pick up exactly where you left off."

Can I use it on my phone and tablet?​

My Dementia Companion CARER works best in Google Chrome on your desktop or your smartphone. It is not yet available as an "app" for your tablets (such as iPads) and not compatible with Internet Explorer 11.

Is there a tutorial I can follow?

There are three ways you can learn more about how to use the CARER tool:

  1. Watch our short 3 minute demo video here (including transcript)

  2. Start the online tool and then go through the Topic called "Welcome! Start here"

  3. Come along to one of our live online demo sessions by clicking here.

What type of support information will I find in My Dementia Companion CARER?

You will find a wealth of practical support information from professionals and other carers. Together, they guide you to finding help and develop care strategies to cope and care well.

How often is the information kept up to date?​

We check for updates fortnightly.

How do you ensure the information is quality?

We curate support information from reputable peak-bodies, government agencies, universities, educational institutions in health, ageing and disability.

Our team consists of medical and allied health professionals, dementia experts, medical researchers and dementia carer advocates to ensure quality.

If you have found better information or anything we have missed, please contact us, so we can help more people impacted by dementia together.

Is my data kept secure?

And of course, all your data is kept safe according to all relevant government standards and guidelines. You can read our Privacy Policy here.

Why do I need to learn all this stuff?

There is currently no cure for dementia. The only way to live well and manage all the challenges is to access help from professionals and learn how to develop care/ coping strategies at home.

As we live at home for longer for better quality of life, there may not be enough in-person professional help nor 24/7 hotline to support you whenever you need it. This means, you need to be empowered (from as early as possible) with the knowledge and skills to manage.

When you are informed, this will also make your interactions with professionals much more meaningful.