Creating shortcuts for easy access

As they are not training modules, the My Dementia Companion tools (especially the PRO) are designed to work alongside you in providing care or support with confidence.

Many users (including professionals) have asked us how they can access it easily. Below are some ways to create shortcuts on our browser and computer.

1. Accessing via the website

You can always go to and click on the orange "Launch Tool" button to access the tool.

2. Create a Favourite/ Bookmark in Google Chrome

Click on the "Star" button on the right of your search bar, and select the place you would like to save the bookmark.



3. Create a shortcut on your DESKTOP!

The following steps allows you to create a shortcut icon straight on your computer desktop:

a) In Google Chrome, click on the 3 dots on the top right corner

b) click on "More tools"

c) click on "Create Shortcut".



4. Pin it to your taskbar


The following steps allows you to pin My Dementia Companion tool to your taskbar (usually at the bottom of your computer). This way, you can always see it, as opposit to Step 3 above, which will be behind the windows you have opened.



Please don't hesitate to contact us any time if you have questions or attend one of our live tutorial/ training sessions.