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Verification email user tips in registration & password reset

Here you will find some tips for the registration process.

What do I do if my computer keeps on opening the link in Internet Explorer and not Google Chrome?

My Dementia Companion CARER and PRO works best in Google Chrome and while it also works with many other browsers, it does not work with Internet Explorer

If your work computer automatically opens the Verification Email link in Internet Explorer by default, follow the steps below to open the PRO in Google Chrome:


1. Right click on the “Click here” link and click on “Copy link address”



2. Open a new Google Chrome window and paste the copied link (or press Control+V)



3. Press Enter to verify it’s you and click on “I’m a professional” to continue with PRO.


What do I do if I don't get a verification email​?


Try the following:

  1. Check your Spam/ Junk folder

  2. Check if you have typed your email address correctly

  3. Due to your workplace's security settings (e.g. strong firewall), the verification email could be delayed. Please wait for a moment 

  4. Contact us.

My verification email link doesn't work and is giving me an error message.


Try the following:

  1. Check your verification email hasn't expired. It lasts for 1 hour from the time it is first sent

  2. Multiple verification emails may have been requested and you’ve clicked on an earlier/ expired link (e.g. due to delays from you work email’s firewall).  Please use the latest verification email link, e.g. wait for it to come through

  3. This verification email link has already been clicked. Please request another verification link

  4. While the tools are compatible with mobile, you must complete you registration as a new user on your desktop computer. 

  5. Contact us.

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