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Sharing is caring and compliance

Sharing resources via the PRO:

  • empowers clients and families to live well with dementia

  • reduces the chance of loss to follow up

  • help you to increase compliance.

You can familiarise yourself with the following to:

  • learn how to share

  • see what you have shared

  • view the client's shared view.

How to share

You can:

  • Share a Topic by clicking on the “Share Topic” button at the top of each Topic

  • Share a Section by clicking on the “Share Section” button within each Section.


Then follow the prompts to:

  1. Select or deselect any Sections you don’t want to share

  2. Enter the details of the carer and client, which will be used to personalise the content

  3. Write a personalised title and message.

Please note:

  • you can send yourself a copy for future reference or if this is required by your work

  • you can also cc in other carers or colleagues.


How can I see what I have shared?


You can view what you have shared by clicking on the “Shared” tab, which will list all your shared Sections, Topics and messages.

This is important because it’s critical to be able to demonstrate specific support activities and resources matched to specific questions or as part of clients’ care planning. This can be used as evidence of person-centred dementia care support, as required by the Aged Care Quality Standards (1-4).


What does it look like from the client and carer side?

"You can click on the i) icon in the right column of the “Shared” tab, then click on the “click here” to see what the client sees (pic below).

Clients and carer’s can access shared content by clicking on a web link sent to them via email. They can also forward the email it to their trusted family and friends, who could also be empowered with dementia care knowledge to help them and combat stigma and misinformation."


When and how much to share?

The PRO is built to be very flexible, so you can share as frequently or as little as you like to any of your clients and carers, or to colleagues to suit their needs.


However, when sharing, please be mindful the learning style and personalities of your clients and their carers. As seen in Scenario 1 (click here to review), you may only share a few Sections at a time to not overwhelm some Bill and Jane. This is a form of person-centred care.


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