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  1. Follow the steps below to try each functionality within the PRO.

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States/Territory selection

Did you know you can choose which State or Territory’s resource you view and share? By default, it is set based on your workplace’s postcode when you started. You can also change it by clicking on the “More” tab -> Settings -> States and territories -> select your preferred location.

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Saving Topics and Sections


Have you wondered how to best use the Save function to help you work easier? 

You can save a Section or Topic to:

  • act as follow-up items for a client, family or frontline worker. For example, it can remind you to act or follow up on the next steps in their journey or care plan, e.g. follow up on how they are managing wandering around the house following an earlier conversation, or start a conversation about continence care or legal planning process as part of the next steps in their care plan and journey

  • act as a reminder for yourself to read a specific article, view a video or attend training course

  • allow you easy access to frequently used Topics or Section.

After saving an item, it will appear in the “Saved” tab for easy access. To save, you can:


  • Click on the “Save Section” button in each Section

  • Click on the “heart” icon at the top right.

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Expand or collapse individual Section

Did you know that you can navigate through each individual section by clicking on the heading to expand or collapse them?

You can also click on the “Mark as read” button or “Save Section” button as well.

Expand or Collapse all sections

Want to expand or collapse all Sections in one go? You’re able to do this by clicking on the expand or collapse all button on the top right corner of the screen.

By collapsing all Sections, you gain a very quick overview of the Topic. This way, you can use it as a checklist to guide your conversation and support, e.g. in Scenario 1 above.

Closing prompts

We have placed some tips and prompts on how to navigate the tool and help embed it in your practice each day. You can close those prompts after viewing them by clicking on the cross on each of the prompts.


This will clear up space on the screen, so you can see more resources.