Champions note: Why learn about dementia? How is PRO different to training modules

Some of your care team may have wondered and/or asked you - why do we bother and learn about dementia if it has no cure?

Also, how does PRO differ from training modules available?

Key takeaway

  • It’s possible to live well with dementia despite it having no cure. The most critical part of it is empowering carers and your frontline staff develop care and coping strategies at home

  • The PRO is not a training module. Instead, it is embedded into your day-to-day work to improve care

Adult Students

Champion's note

Why bother learning?


While dementia has no cure, families can still learn care and coping strategies to live well at home. As their first point of call, your clients and carers will come to you for those strategies.

The PRO is designed to help you with the resources to empower your frontline care team, and clients and families to develop the care/ coping strategies. Self empowerment is important because:

  • you can’t be with your client or carer 24/7

  • dementia is unique for everyone and progresses over a long period of time, so families need to understand what to do themselves

  • by empowering them to manage preemptively, there's also less chance of things “getting out of hand" later.

The PRO is not designed as training modules

PRO is not a training module nor does it replace training. It is designed to be embedded into your daily workflow and to support your day-to-day work. It doesn’t just build knowledge, but also helps you to put the knowledge into practice and develop your skill on the go. For example, you can:

  • use the Topics and what’s shared and not shared with your clients and families to develop and review care plans (Scenario 1, 3)

  • find, personalise and share relevant Sections within a few clicks, even while you are on the phone with your clients and carers (Scenario 2)

  • etc.

Please note, we do not replace any training and isn't the single source of truth. We recommend you continue to complete continuous professional development/ learning and explore the resources we refer you to.