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Transcript for Scenario 5: Incidents and audits 

This video is tutorial on how to use the My Dementia Companion PRO to:


  • Reduce incidents and mitigate risk

  • Evidence for audits/ Quality Reviews, and 

  • Create a better client experience.

Welcome to My Dementia Companion PRO tutorial on Incidents and Audits. This session will help you use the PRO to reduce incidents, mitigate risk and create a better client experience. 

The best thing about the PRO is that it documents all your work as you go, so when it comes to audits, quality reviews or serious complaints, all the evidence of your hard work and support is captured.


You can do this in the 'Home' Journey view, where you first choose the client and carer, then you can see all your support along the way.


You can also see the full history in the 'Client & Carer' tab's history 'Clock' icon.


Each record demonstrates the personalised care that is been provided, showcasing the wonderful work you do and planning for future needs, as they arise.


Managing Incidents, SIRS and demonstrating a quality service is all part of ACQSC standards and reporting requirements. When we identify risk or manage an incident, it's not only about the immediate action we take, but more importantly the actions we implement to reduce or remove future events occurring.


A common incident in home care is 'Falls', which are often quickly addressed by installing a falls pendant and monitor. Whilst this is important to get urgent assistance after a fall or injury, what about the understanding about why someone is falling, so you can prevent it or reduce the risk of another fall?


Searching or browsing on an issue, such as falls can help identify remedial strategies and share easily with families and care teams, to reduce or eliminate the risk to your clients. This valuable work will be easy to include in your incident reporting.


Change behaviours are another common issue we face, such as repetition, wandering, aggression, hallucination, shadowing and hoarding etc. As learnt in our previous tutorial, you can use the PRO to help understand the unmet needs that trigger a change behaviour. This allows you to develop strategies to eliminate and prevent them from reoccurring.


You can then update your change behaviour plan accordingly. PRO Tip, did you know using the PECT can reduce or remove the risk to your clients family and staff.


Remember to use this approach whenever you notice a changed or new changed behaviour, reducing incidents and creating great care outcomes.


In addition, using the tool to understand the dementia journey closes the training-to-practice gap, whilst you micro-learn on the go, supporting each individual in the way they need to be cared for.


Dementia care is complex, Home Care is complex, but using the PRO will ensure you have carefully curated up-to-date, evidence-based information to provide the best care. This gives professionals and governing bodies peace of mind that consistent, quality care and advice is being provided across their teams and their footprint. This ultimately helps a person living with dementia and their carers.


Thank you for making dementia care great in Australia!

Note that the PRO is an important tool and ensures teams are sourcing evidence-based quality and up-to-date information from the same place. The PRO app should be used as a prompt to support professional training and judgment. Expand and collapse Sections by clicking on the heading to help you orientate yourself. If you're not sure where you are in the app, click on the 'Home' tab to go back to the journey view. Learn more tips and tricks in the 'Welcome to PRO! Start tutorial here'. And don't forget, you can contact us via the 'Questions?' button the 'Chat' icon or 'Suggestions' link located in each Section with suggestions. Thank you for doing the wonderful work you do and being dementia change makers!


  • The scenarios do not cover all of the content in My Dementia Companion, nor all the ways it could be used. Please keep exploring!

  • More handy user tips here, including shortcuts/ app icons, scenarios, sharing, tips and trips, and more

  • Contact us if you have any questions via the “Questions?” button or the chat icon within the tool, email us or sms/call us 0406 257 729 during business hours.​

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