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Scenario 6: Supporting carer groups

Scenario takeaway

  • You can share the same content with different clients and their carers, e.g. in a carer group meeting

  • When sharing with multiple people, enter “loved-one” in the "name of the person" field and “the-carer” in "the carer" field, then enter all their emails and chosen pronoun

  • Don't forget to use the "Notes" function to plan your meetings.

Seniors Socializing

An example

Over the past few weeks, a few clients and their carers have wanted to travel and plan for holidays with dementia, but they are not sure how to do it. 

What would you do?

You decide to run a support session on this for 10 of your clients. You also decided to share some pre-reading, including the Sections on how to plan for a holiday, and also tips and suggestions on dementia friendly travel. 

When sharing with multiple people, you enter “loved-one” in the "name of the person" field and “the-carer” in "the carer" field, then enter all their emails and choose a pronoun (note, the dash ("-") is important because it stops the app breaking the two words into first and last names).

You may want to provide some hardcopy resources to discuss in the session. You can click here to learn more about printing from My Dementia Companion.

Note: if carer support meetings are managed by a different team in your organisation, you can refer them to the PRO!

Using the "Notes" function

  • Many professionals use the "Notes" function to set reminders, create to-do lists and set templates etc.

  • You can use this function to plan your meeting.

  • The system will automatically save what you type.


  • The scenarios do not cover all of the content in My Dementia Companion, nor all the ways it could be used. Please keep exploring!

  • More handy user tips here, including shortcuts/ app icons, scenarios, sharing, tips and trips, and more

  • Contact us if you have any questions via the “Questions?” button or the chat icon within the tool, email us or sms/call us 0406 257 729 during business hours.​

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