Scenario 1: Dealing with questions about driving

Scenario takeaway

  • A broad subject such as driving covers many things. You can use the Sections in the Topic as a checklist to help you plan or guide Bob and Jane's "driving journey".

  • You can share relevant content within a few clicks and Save the Topic under “View as Bob and Jane” to mark it as a work in progress for them.

  • Too much information may overwhelm some carers. To deliver person-centred care, you can share some Sections first, then follow up with more Sections in the future.

Tasks to complete


  1. In the past few weeks, think of an interaction where a client or carer asked you a relatively broad question or a similar need has been identified in an assess or review, such as driving, legal matters, palliative care, diagnosis etc.

  2. Click on the “All info” tab and browse the list of Topics that are relevant to that question, e.g. “Driving and transport with dementia”, “Future planning: legal matters”, “Palliative and end of life care for people with dementia”, “Getting a diagnosis” etc.

  3. Glance down the list of Sections to see how it can guide you in supporting your client and his/her carer (don't forget entering relevant Sections into the care plan).

  4. Save the Topic under “View as the client & carer” and guide them to those resources and Sections over time

Empty Road

Scenario notes

Bill is 66 years old and you help to manage his Level 2 Home Care Package at Best Care Workplace Pty Ltd in VIC. He has recently been diagnosed with dementia and lives at home with wife and carer Jane.

The Scenario

At a recent assessment meeting, Jane told you that she’s very worried about Bill’s driving. She’s worried about everyone’s safety, but not sure how to start the conversation, their  her and his legal obligations and worried that after driving his licence, it will be much harder to get around.
She did an internet search and was overwhelmed with >30 billion search results. Not knowing where to start, she comes to you for help.

Supporting Bill and Jane


Driving is a very broad subject that covers a lot of different areas. It’s impossible to remember everything, let alone where to find the relevant and up-to-date resources or where to refer.

This is when you can open the PRO and go to the Topic “Driving and transport with dementia”. The Sections within that Topic (pictured below), act as a checklist of the key items you may want to cover, as you guide them through this "driving journey".


Providing person centred care

From your past interactions with Jane, you know that she can be easily overwhelmed when learning something new. To ease her into this new subject, you may consider sharing a few sections to start off with.

Then you can Save the Topic under “View as Jane & Bill” to mark it as a work in progress.

Then in a few weeks’ time, you can follow up as part of the care plan and see how they are going, before sharing other Sections, such as alternative transport options, starting the conversation to help Bill transition to stop driving etc.



  • The scenarios do not cover all of the content in My Dementia Companion, nor all the ways it could be used. Please keep exploring!

  • All the information is curated from reputable sources that are designed for people like Jane and Bill. So, assess and if relevant, share with confidence!

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