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CARER flyer for family and friends

This is a flyer for professionals, care managers and service providers to give to their clients, family or friend carers impacted by dementia.

  • click here or the image below for interactive PDF flyer .

My Dementia Companion Flyer CARER.png

This flyer outlines:

  • the My Dementia Companion CARER tool is here to walk family and friend carers through one of life's most challenging and confusing journeys

  • the problems it tackles include:

    • What do I do? Where do I start?

    • What is dementia? Where do we go for help?

    • What subsidies are we entitled to?

    • How to manage and live well?

  • the tool offers personalised and practical dementia support at your fingertips, through

    • curated support information from professionals

    • practical tips from other carers similar to you

    • untangling the 'maze' and empower​ing you to navigate your own journey.

  • So you are less lost, confused or overwhelmed

  • As a passion project, we keep our fee very modest and if eligible, the Home Care Package or NDIS can cover the cost.

You can also:

  • click here to start the tool, including tutorial video

  • click here to watch an introductory video about the CARER tool​

  • click here to Contact Us if you have any questions (we are also happy for a chat if you prefer).

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