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And the winner is...

A chance to win a $50 gift voucher

It has been a while since we launched a program to show a token of our appreciation for those who have contributed towards building a more empowering dementia care community.

The winner is drawn at random (excludes past winners).To enter, complete any one of the following:

  • Share a practical Tip by clicking on the “Share my Tip to help others” under the Carer Tip (in the CARER app) or PRO Tip (in the PRO app) part of each Section

  • Provide suggestions or feedback from within the tool by clicking on the “Useful?” hyperlinked text in the CARER app or “Suggestions?” hyperlinked text in PRO, or the “Feedback” button in the right column for both tools

Complete the survey we email to you a few months after starting either of the tools.

We are a social enterprise created by passionate volunteers (in addition to their day jobs). Our sole mission is to improve dementia care for everyone! So your feedback goes a long way in helping yourself,others like you, and families and friends affected by demtenia.

Note, please don’t forget to put your name and email at the end of the survey which is an optional field. This is the only way we can contact you if you win!

This is generously supported by our supporters to promote quality dementia care.

And the winner is....

Despite we have started this a little while back, this will be our first time announcing them publicly here.

Sue is the April 2022 winner of a $50 gift voucher for her Tip on the dementia supplement and also general comments on undertaking assessments:

"The dementia supplement was hard to get for my husband. This is because some of the questions are so generic, for example “tell me if you've heard of Stalin and who is he". Anything the person says is OK and it goes through a long list of celebrities such as Charlie Chaplin, Dawn Fraser and more. From what I’ve learnt about dementia, these very old memories are more intact so most people with dementia actually score ok. Even though my husband can no longer dress himself, gets lost around the house that we have been living in for 29 years and can't remember our grandchildren, he scored 1 point over the limit and didn't qualify! My friend's mother was from overseas and had never heard of Dawn Fraser, so she just made the cut and got the supplement!
Some other carers have also told me that their loved ones have rote-learnt the answers to the questions and managed to score well, despite having no idea what the questions were about and aren't independent at all! Some carers' loved ones also try to be tough and say they are independent when they are not, because they don't want to be embarrassed. Again, not receiving the supplement.
I have spoken to a few care managers and dementia advisors, who have said this is common. My suggestion would be to 1) be honest and don't "play tough". Explain (if you can) to your loved one that if they are not honest, there's less money for them. 2) if they are denied and you think your loved one deserves it, appeal. Try to get another assessor who may understand dementia a bit more, so they understand better how to assess. This has worked for some carers."

Sue supports her husband in VIC and this Tip can be found in the Section “Care at home: the Dementia and Cognitive Supplement” under the Topic “My Aged Care and dementia”. She has also shared 10 practical Tips and suggestions, including finding the “right GP”, working with psychologists, links and resources on travel, continence care and more.

Thank you so much Sue!

You can also search for these under the “More Topics” tab (CARER app) or “All info” tab (PRO app).


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