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Raising awareness with Carers Victoria and our social presence

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Raising awareness for dementia is important, as it can increase understanding of the disease/ syndrome and reduce some of the stigma that surrounds a diagnosis. This fosters an inclusive mindset and a more dementia friendly community as a result.

In addition, it’s important to also raise awareness of grass-root innovation in dementia, particularly for small organisations or any passionate individuals, who just want to make a difference. It will be greatly beneficial for us to cross pollinate and encourage more talent into this sector, so our loved ones can be better off.

First live interview with Carers Victoria

Recently, we were privileged enough to be interviewed by dementia expert Jenn Daddow from Carers Victoria to talk about the challenges that carers impacted by dementia face, our journey and how My Dementia Companion could assist carers.

We were thrilled by this experience and the publicity it generated. We streamed live for the first time to over 350 viewers and you can watch the recording here.

We would like to thank Carers Victoria for this amazing opportunity. You can learn more about their amazing work here.

Hitting a milestone with our social media

We started a Facebook presence to raise awareness of dementia, which includes much of the value content we have within the My Dementia Companion CARER tool. This includes practical suggestions, videos, carer stories, prevalence and risk reduction and much more.

We believe this will help new carers, families, friends and the public learn about dementia, so we can foster a dementia friendly community, whether it’s online or in the physical world.

We are very excited to celebrate that we have gained over 400 followers on Facebook, who have decided support our awareness raising efforts. This is no small feat for a group of passionate volunteers (particular John), who are by no means, social media experts.

We hope more people, particularly those who have some skills in marketing, start or continue to raise awareness for dementia in the community.


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