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Oct content update: Log-in update, new Topic and Section update

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Responding to your requests and feedback, we have made a few changes:

  • a key update for our Registration and Log-in system

  • a new Topic called “Walking about and wandering with dementia”

  • a Section update on financial counselling in the Section “Getting help from professionals” under the Topic “Future planning: financial matters”.

Registration and Log-in update

As part of ongoing improvement we have made an update to our Registration and Log-in process.

In the past, we created a password-less system. This was because when we launched the first CARER version, many family carers said they didn’t want to remember another password.

This worked well for many, however there are some carers who were not able to use this new way of registering and logging-in. To ensure we support as many people as we can, we have created a traditional password system to replace the password-less system.

What to expect in the next couple of weeks:

1. Log out of all your current accounts (click here to go to your account and if you are logged in, please click on "More" at the bottom left and click "Sign out".

2. If you are a family or friend carer and have an existing account with us, please click here. You will be land on the “Reset your password” page, where you will be prompted to enter your email

3. Enter your email and go to your Email Inbox for a verification email that I have sent you. Please note, this email is valid for 1 hour for security reasons. If it has expired, you can go back to resend the code. Don't forget to check your Spam/Junk folder if you can't find it in your Inbox.

4. Click on the "click here" in that email (green circle above) and the below Reset Password Confirmation screen will open in a new browser. You can now create a new password.

5. Start using the tool as usual (we have migrated all your saved items and details across).

We thank you for your feedback and suggestions to allow this to happen.

New Topic: "Walking about and wandering with dementia"

In this month’s update, we have curated a new Topic called “Walking about and wandering with dementia”. It is estimated that up to 60% of the people with dementia experience walking about at home, which can be stressful for everyone in the house.

This Topic offers information on what may cause people to wander and suggestions on how to manage this safely.

Section update: financial counselling

We have just learnt that Australia Government's Smart Money offers free financial counselling, including support for you and your loved one. You can go to their website to learn more and we have also updated it in the Section “Getting help from professionals” under the Topic “Future planning: financial matters”.

Featured Tip

In this month’s featured Tip, we would like to share a short but practical tip from Fiona, who is supporting her mother.

My Mum is 90 so her appetite is diminished. Eating with friends and family definitely makes a big difference.

While this is simple and seems obvious, it’s great to see Fiona understanding what creates an enjoyable and comfortable eating environment for her mother. As always, this may be very different for another, who loves to eat alone or in front of the TV or while listening to a particular music album. So, please explore what works for you and your loved one.

This Tip is allocated under two Sections:

  • “Keeping a healthy diet” under the Topic “Healthy living and ageing for the person with dementia”

  • “The eating environment” under the Topic “Eating and drinking difficulties with dementia”

We also encourage you to share your experiences to help others, so we all can just do that little bit better.


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