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May 22 updates: new Topic and searching Tips

Our May updates include:

  • Enable professionals to search for Tips under the “All info” tab in the PRO. This will enable them to find practical suggestions and ideas even quicker and more easily to support their clients and families.

  • A new Topic “Getting the person engaged in daily living and activities” has been added to help everyone manage and overcome challenges associated with the person becoming withdrawn or less interested in doing usual activities

  • Over 40 other content updates including resource link updates for ACT’s equipment and supply subsidiary scheme under the Topic “Healthy living and ageing for [pd]”.

Note: Please refresh your browser to see the updates.

Searching for TIps in the PRO

Tips from other carers and professionals are one of the most valued features in My Dementia Companion. It helps to put the expert resources into practice and also makes the carer feel less alone, because it shows them that many other carers have dealt with or are dealing with the same challenges.

To make the Tips more accessible, we have introduced a new feature in the PRO app to allow professional users to search for Tips more easily through the “All info” tab. Simply turn on the Tips filter when you search next time.

We are working to introduce the same feature to the CARER app too. So please keep an eye out for this.

Don’t forget to share your own Tips and rate others’ Tips. This will guide us to prioritise and curate more useful content for you. This also enters you in our 2-monthly draw to win a $50 voucher!

The June winner will be announced soon.

Content updates

New Topic "Getting the person engaged in daily living and activities"

One of the most common queries and challenges we receive from carers and professionals is about the person becoming less engaged in daily activities, such as basic house chores, and social interactions or hobbies that he/she once enjoyed.

This can be frustrating for everyone and lower the person’s quality of life.

This new Topic includes suggestions for becoming withdrawn from social and physical activities, apathy and not engaging in daily living activities, challenges in later stage dementia and more.

You can find this Topic in the "More Topics" tab (CARER app) or "All info" tab (the PRO app), or search for it with keywords such as “engage activities”, ”apathy”, etc.

Note: general dementia friendly and meaningful activities for people living with dementia are also included under the Topic “Healthy living and ageing for the person”, including physical and mental activities. You can search for them with relevant keywords.

Other updates, e.g. ACT aids and equipment scheme

Amongst the many content updates, ACT government has relocated their resources on their aids and equipment scheme. We have updated this under the Topic “Subsidies and support to help the carer”.


  • Other more specific aids and equipment resources are also located under their respective Topics such as falls, continence etc.

  • minor updates are not documented here, such as some wording changes, simple URL changes, reference updates etc. We make those changes as they arise within both CARER and the PRO apps.

After refreshing your browser, you can search it in the "More Topics" tab (CARER app) or "All info" tab (PRO app), with keywords such as “ACT aids equipment" etc.

Note: minor updates are not documented here, such as some wording changes, URL changes, reference updates etc.

Featured Tip

This month’s featured Tip is from Sandra from VIC, who is trying to help her husband with his eating:

I have noticed my husband has started to take pieces of food out of his mouth. They tend to be food that is a bit harder or darker. I think his sense of the food is changing, so now I give him food that is a bit softer and lighter in colour.

This is a good reminder how important it is for us to be “detectives” in understanding the person’s unmet need. In this case, the unmet need was recognising the food and confusion around its colour. A simple change can make a world’s difference.

If you are having trouble identifying unmet needs, please review or learn more in our dedicated Topic “Understanding unmet needs and daily challenges” and the PECT model.

This Tip can be found under the Section “Reduced ability to recognise food and sensory difficulties” under the Topic “Eating and drinking difficulties for the person”.


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