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A year in review and wishing you a happy festive season

With the blink of an eye, 2022 has ended. It was a year of unprecedented with many changes and challenges, including the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, uncertainty in our economy and society.

Despite these difficulties, we continue to see so much resilience, innovation, and hope as people and communities around the world came together to support each other.

For us, we have continued to push forward with our goal to improve dementia care for care professionals and family and friend carers. We have:

  • Successfully launched and piloted our PRO app, another world-first innovation in dementia care

  • Helped over 2,000 family and friend carers through our CARER app and have moved into the next phase of becoming commercial sustainable

  • Secured our first group of corporate customers and helped their staff to deliver best practice care whilst saving time, reducing risk and improving compliance

  • Featured on various websites and portals such as OPAN, NSW Government, various Primary Health Networks, local dementia alliances and more

  • Welcomed our first Dementia Care Excellence Consultant, Suzanne McMeikin

  • Continued to improve both apps and content for our users, and maintain a very high satisfaction score.

We would like to thank all our amazing supporters, advocates and Champions for all your support for this year!

Wishing everyone a safe, fun and happy festive season! See you soon in 2023.


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