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Feb 24 update: PRO interactive journey

Updated: Mar 11

As our mission is to simplify dementia care, we have worked hard to further improve how easily our users can navigate My Dementia Companion PRO.

We are so excited to share our major updates below, which will hopefully make dementia care even easier!

These new features will be available during the week of 04 March 2024.

Interactive dementia journey

We have made our world-first comprehensive dementia journey clickable!

My Dementia Companion PRO's comprehensive and interactive dementia journey

What's changed:

  1. Home screen is now the Dementia Journey

  2. Topics are grouped, so they are easier to navigate

  3. Search is placed at top left for easier access

  4. Select client & carer is no at the top right. Wording "View as me" is replaced with "Select Client & Carer", which is the default view for you, as the PRO user

  5. Section and Search view are now full screen for easy viewing.

In addition, search has been improved, the placement message has been updated for easier sharing and much more.

Getting ready for the new Strengthened Standards

These features can be used for evidencing the new Strengthened Standards:

  • the journey acts as a template to help you partner with your clients to develop strategies to meet their goals and needs;

  • the search helps you to respond to risks, incidents or questions instantly, and develop care plans; and

  • the tracking helps to evidence against the new dedicated Strengthened Standards on dementia and cognitive impairment (3.2.6, 3.2.7, 3.2.9, 5.6.1, 5.6.2 and 5.6.3.

We have also supported 3 providers through their Quality Review/Audit! Learn more here.


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