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Dementia resources

General resources

Dementia describes a collection of symptoms caused by over 200 types of disorders affecting the brain.


It affects one's thinking, behaviours, personality and ability to do daily activities. It can develop earlier in life (younger onset dementia) or later in life. Common forms of dementia include, Alzheimer's disease, Vascular dementia, Lewy body disease, Frontotemporal dementia and other types of dementia.

This page includes some key and general resources for professionals, people living with dementia and their carers in Australia.

Note: for more comprehensive, practical and personalised guidance, please log into the CARER or PRO tool.

  • Your health care professional: always contact your health care professional for professional medical advice, such as GP, geriatrician, neurologist, psychiatrist, psychologist etc.
  • 000: for all emergency situations and needs.

  • My Aged Care, website, 1800 200 422: the central contact point for accessing the Australian Government funded aged care services (for people over 65 years old with a diagnosis of dementia).

  • National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), website, 1800 800 110: the central contact point for accessing Australian Government  funded disability services (for people under 65 years old with a diagnosis of dementia).

  • Services Australia, websitethe central portal for the majority of government services and payments, such as Centrelink, etc.

  • Specialist memory clinics: various medical services that specialise in recognising early cognitive changes, and assisting with dementia diagnosis and management planning.

  • Dementia Australia, website, 1800 100 500: the national peak body representing and supporting Australians impacted with dementia, including the National Dementia Helpline.

  • Alzheimer's Society UK, website: the national peak body representing and supporting UK residents impacted with dementia, including support information.

  • Alzheimer's Association USA, websitethe national peak body representing and supporting Americans impacted with dementia, including support information.

  • Better Health Channel, websitea government site providing health and medical information on various subjects, including dementia.

  • Carer Gateway, website, 1800 422 737: the central portal for carer supports and services.

  • Carers Australia, websitethe national peak body representing Australia’s unpaid carers.

  • Beyond Blue, website, 1300 22 4636: the national peak body representing and supporting Australians living with mental illness, including depression and anxiety induced by dementia.

  • Older Persons Advocacy Network (OPAN), website, 1800 700 600: a national network advocating and supporting older people and their representatives for issues related to aged care services.

  • Council of the Ageing, website: the national peak body focusing on policy development, advocacy and representation for older Australians.

  • Dementia Support Australia (DSA), website, 1800 699 799: a service provider specialising in more severe dementia behaviour.

  • Dementia Centre for Research Collaboration: a research collaboration hosting evidence based resources for people living with dementia, their carers and professionals (note: DCRC will cease operation in late 2022 and we will redirect resources accordingly).

  • Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) UK, website: online resource that creates and shares best practices in social and health care, including dementia care.

  • Australian National Health Directory, websitethe national directory for health information and advice services.

  • Dementia Training Australia, website: an organisation offering dementia training, education and resources the Australian workforce.

  • Charter of Aged Care Rights, websiteread to understand your rights to quality aged care services funded by the Australian Government.

  • Seniors Rights Victoria, website, 1300 368 821: an organisation helps older Australians from elder abuse.

  • Advance Care Planning Australia, website, 1300 208 582: an organisation offering help with advance care planning.

  • Translating and Interpreting Services Australia, website, 131 450: a government services offering you or your loved one translation services.

  • Information about toileting and continence, website, 1800 330 066: the national peak body representing and supporting Australians living with incontinence, which can be a challenge caused by dementia.

  • Office of the Public Advocate (OPA), website, 1300 309 337: an organisation promoting the rights, interests and dignity of people with disability.

  • Understanding dementia MOOC: a research centre offering dementia education, including the "Understanding Dementia" and "Preventing Dementia" Massive Open Online Course (MOOC).

Please note:

  • we always believe professionals and carers are the best source of knowledge for each other. If you have found another useful resource that we didn't include above, or would like us to update a resource, please let us know through our Contact form.

  • the above information is general in nature and read our Terms of Use before you proceed.

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