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Dementia care, dementia journey and the PRO

Dementia has no cure and is complex. But as a professional, you can help families to live well by:


  • supporting them to navigate the system to access help, and

  • learn care strategies (and retain old skills) to manage changes at home.

This is largely the definition of quality dementia care, especially, because you are their first point of call for all things dementia.


It is also a compliance requirement from the Aged Care Quality Standards.

My Dementia Comanion Journey Walk

How does the PRO fit into this?

World's first comprehensive dementia journey

The dementia journey is complex and difficult to navigate for the person, carers and professionals. People tell us it feels like a maze that leads to confusion and fear of the unknown. The PRO simplifies the complexity into a much easier journey to navigate.

Journey 3 My Dementia Companion.png

Below is the world’s first comprehensive dementia journey we have developed. This is the backbone of My Dementia Companion and you are welcome to share it with clients and carers, to provide reassurance and reduce their fear of the unknown. This journey can last 6 month to 20 years, and varies between people.

My Dementia Companion World-frst Comprehensive dementia journey.png

The journey in the PRO


The PRO brings this journey alive in the ‘Home’ tab, where you can create individual client journeys, search and share strategies easily, and track their progression.

You can see this in action in one of our demos or in our Scenarios.

Dementia Journey | My Dementia Companion 2.png

This acts as a checklist and ‘one-stop-shop’ for provide quality care for dementia and cognitive impairment.


  • More handy user tips here, including shortcuts/ app icons, scenarios, sharing, tips and trips, and more

  • Contact us if you have any questions via the “Questions?” button or the chat icon within the tool, email us or sms/call us 0406 257 729 during business hours.​

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