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What is dementia care and how does the PRO help?

According to the Royal Commission into Aged Care, the evidence of sub-standard dementia care was persistent in the inquiry.


You or some of your care team may have wondered:

  • What is dementia care? Why do we care about dementia resources if it has no cure?

  • How does the PRO fit into this?

  • How is the PRO different from other resource websites or from training modules?

You can watch the video below to learn more (video coming soon).

Key takeaway

  • Supporting or caring for someone with dementia is about helping carers navigate the system to get help and to develop care strategies to manage challenges at home. However, the resources are often overwhelming and confusing to use.

  • Unlike a regular resource tool, the PRO solves this by curating resources into simple checklists to 1) help you identify unmet needs and risks in assessments or care reviews, and then 2) maps this to your clients' dementia journey for you to take them through. The PRO also allows you to 3) search and respond to to challenging ad hoc questions easily, so your clients are enabled to remain independent and live well at home for longer.

  • Unlike a training module, the PRO works at your fingertips and integrates into your day-to-day workflow, so you can deliver best practice dementia care with confidence, whilst saving time.

Adult Students

Detail notes:

Why bother learning?

Dementia has no cure and is complex. Families can still live well with it if they can navigate the system to access help, and learn various care strategies to manage challenges at home. This has been proven beyond doubt in studies and is evident in guidelines, such as the Practice Guidelines and Principles of Care for People with Dementia.

This is particularly important for professionals like yourself because:

  • you are often their first point of call for all things dementia

  • You can’t be with your client or carer 24/7 to help

  • By confidently guiding families through their dementia journey, everyone can “get on top of things” before they escalate, improve overall outcome and strengthen your relationship for better customer satisfaction.

  • You are required to develop dementia care plans and respond to clients’ dementia needs as part of the Aged Care Quality Standards (this is one of the most common non-compliance findings in audits)

This is a large part of dementia care!

Holding Hands

How does the PRO fit into this?

As educating and empowering families is so important, a lot of investment has been made in developing quality dementia resources. However, due to the complexity of dementia, people are often overwhelmed with all the resources and are unable to navigate them. This leaves many professionals having to resort to:

  • Spend hours of internet browsing and searching to find useful resources that are easy to use

  • Sieve through their out-of-date folders or notes

  • All the while worried if they have missed anything, if the information is evidence-based or up-to-date etc.


This is why professionals asked us to build the PRO. It overcomes this problem by being a “one stop shop” that simplifies the complex dementia journey into simple check-lists for you to follow.


So you can:

  1. Map out your client’s journey easily, and provide structure to your assessments, reviews and care planning, including what questions to ask to uncover unmet needs or client deterioration risks, and the associated mitigation strategies or responses to those needs or risks.

  2. Search for bite-size responses to challenging questions in an instant

  3. Find, personalise and share relevant information within a few clicks, even while you are on the phone with your clients and carers.

You can see this in action in one of our demos or in our Scenarios.


The PRO is not designed as training modules, nor another resource website

Dementia training is important to build a strong foundation. But many professionals informed us that they can’t remember everything from the training and requested a tool to help them to apply the learning in their day-to-day jobs.

The contents of resource websites are critical in allowing people to be empowered. However, users are easily overwhelmed and do not have the time to research and find the relevant resources they need on the internet.

The PRO overcomes these challenges by curating and making the quality and up-to-date resources available at your finger-tips. This way, you can start integrating quality dementia care into your day-to-day work without having to read all the content, commit them to memory and then remember them all first.

You can see this in action in one of our demos or in our Scenarios.

Please note, we do not replace any training and isn't the single source of truth. We recommend you continue to complete continuous professional development and learning, and explore the resources we refer you to


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