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PRO demo & training flyer for professionals

This Demo & Training flyer is for professionals to learn how to use the My Dementia Companion PRO tool: dementia care excellence at your fingertips.

Users can include professionals in health, aged & disability care, e.g. case/ care managers/ coordinators, nurses, dementia advisors, allied health professionals etc.

My Dementia Companion PRO Demo Flyer.PNG

This flyer outlines:

  • The current problem is that, dementia care is complex and professionals are struggling

    • to respond to clients & families' questions with confidence

    • to give them the resources they need easily

    • to help them plan what's next.

  • As a result, you:

    • spend hours "Googling" for services, care strategies or tips

    • become overwhelmed and stressed about what your clients & families need.

  • Please come to the PRO demo to learn how to deliver dementia care excellence with confidence, less stress, whilst also saving time. So ultimate, we can improve the outcomes for clients and families.

About My Dementia Companion PRO

  • It is the world’s first digital dementia platform for ALL things dementia incl. videos, checklists, fact sheets, tools, tips and more. It can help with:

    • Starting the conversation about dementia with family and friends

    • Finding out how to plan for legal and financial matters

    • Finding which subsidies and support are available

    • Managing work, travel and daily life

    • Information about how to still live and age well

    • Better Communication

    • Meeting unmet needs

    • Managing continence issues

    • What can my care team and I do if:

    • My client refuses to shower

    • My client does not want to engage in any activities

    • My client is frustrated and angry

    • My client is wandering?

    • AND MUCH MORE...

  • The PRO helps you to answer these questions in an instant, share information with ease and develop care plans with  peace of mind. All in the one simple platform.

  • We are recognised in many forums:

    • Winner of Dementia Australia, Department of Health and Deloitte's Decoding Dementia Innovation Challenge​

    • Winner of CareFactor Innovation Program

    • Featured on My Aged Care, Department of Health and HealthPathways

    • Learn more here.

  • How to get started?

    • Attend the demo and training session

    • Please contact us or your organisation's champion if you have any questions.

You can also:

  • click here to look at our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for PRO

  • click here to Contact Us if you have any questions (we are also happy for a chat if you prefer).

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