Here you will find the Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on the My Dementia PRO Companion tool and how it will help professionals to improve care, save time and increase compliance.

How do I log into the PRO each time?

You can click on the orange "Launch Tool" button to go straight into the tool, or click here to learn ways to create shortcuts for easy access.

I have issue with my verification and registration
Please click here for user tips on troubleshooting the verification and registration process.
​Who is the PRO designed for?


The PRO is designed for care professional, including (but not limited to) care or case managers, care coordinators, client advisors, Home Care Package/ CHSP managers (or equivalent), dementia advisors, registered nurses, occupational therapists (OT), social workers and many more. 


It was designed because of the extensive feedback and requests from a diverse group of care professionals in aged care and the disability sector and the need for something like the PRO.

Why do we need to learn dementia care and help to empower our clients and families?


Dementia has no cure, so families have to learn care and coping strategies to live well. As their first point of call, your clients and carers will come to you for help.

The PRO is designed to empower you with the resources you need to deliver dementia care in your job so that your clients and their families are empowered to live well

This is important because:

  • you can’t be with your client or carer 24/7

  • dementia is unique for everyone and progresses over a long period of time, so families need to understand what to do themselves

  • by empowering them to manage preemptively, there's also less chance of things “getting out of hand" later.

How is My Dementia Companion PRO different from using a search engine?

While search engines are very helpful, they can be very overwhelming.


Professionals requested us to create the PRO because they are “wasting” too many hours a week searching the internet for the resources they need to do their job.

In addition, the “searching” process is very stressful because they are constantly worried if the content is up-to-date, suitable or relevant (dementia is so complex it touches on all aspects of care, thus impossible to know everything about it).


The PRO is created to overcome this problem. It is a user-friendly tool to empower professionals to find, personalise and share quality, practical and up-to-date resources within a few clicks.

How is the PRO different from training modules?


My Dementia Companion PRO is not designed as training modules. 


While you can use it to guide your training schedules for your frontline workers, it is designed to be embedded into your daily workflow and to support your day-to-day work. For example, you can:

  • use the Topics and what’s shared and not shared with your clients and families to develop and review care plans

  • find, personalise and share relevant Sections within a few clicks, even while you are on the phone with your clients and carers

  • etc.

Please note, we do not replace any training and isn't the single source of truth. We recommend you continue to complete continuous professional development/ learning and explore the resources we refer you to.

Can I use the CARER tool?

The CARER tool is designed for an individual carer and a person with dementia. The whole tool personalises itself to their unique situations and no-one else’s. It is mainly used by self-directed carers.

Professionals need to be able to look at many clients and families with a diverse background. The PRO is designed as such. 

It also contains additional professionals specific resources and features to allow them to improve care, save time, reduce stress and be more compliant against Aged Care Quality Standards.

We recommend professionals use the PRO for their work to deliver best practice care.

What type of support information will I find in My Dementia Companion PRO?

You will find >1,000 pieces of neatly curated support resources from experts, professional organisations and practical tips from other professionals. 

They cover Topics such as care and management strategies, subsidies and schemes, system navigation and professional specific resources

Together, they empower you to deliver best practice dementia care, so you can fulfill your role at a lower stress level, save time and help your clients and families to live well and more independently.

How often is the information kept up to date?


We check for updates fortnightly. Major content changes are also documented in My Dementia Companion PRO under the Topic “Updates and announcements” for ease of reference.

Is My Dementia Companion PRO sponsored or affiliated with any of the content provided?

We are independent and not affiliated with any resources we refer to.

We also do not claim we contain all the information about dementia. We encourage you to explore additional available content, especially on the sites of those we refer to. 

If you have found better information or anything we have missed, please contact us, so we can help more people impacted by dementia together.

How do you ensure the information is quality?

We curate support information from reputable peak-bodies, government agencies, universities and educational institutions in health, ageing and disability.

Our team of advisors consists of medical and allied health professionals, dementia experts, medical researchers and dementia carer advocates to ensure quality.

How does My Dementia Companion PRO help with compliance?


My Dementia Companion PRO helps to meet Aged Care Quality Standards including:

Standard 1 - providers and professionals are required to provide consumers with current, accurate and timely information that enables them to provide choice. The PRO contains 1,000+ pieces of quality and up-to-date support information that is designed to empower you to work well and to support families to live well.


Standard 2 - providers and professionals are required to provide ongoing assessment and planning, so care is delivered safely and effectively. The PRO’s neatly curated Topics acts as a guide for your dementia care plan and the shared function allows you to track what’s yet to be covered in the future (This also helps with the challenge of not knowing what you don’t know or what should come up next).

Standard 3-4 - requires care to cover daily living, personal and clinical care. The PRO delivers content over a wide range of Topics including diagnosis, medications, incontinence, dementia communication, carer wellbeing, palliative and end-of-life care, managing daily challenges and much more.


Standard 7 - providers are required to provide the tools their professionals need to do their job. Currently, there is no tailored dementia specific tool for professionals. The PRO was created solely based on their requests for such a tool in dementia care.

Why do I have to share all this information?

By sharing all this information through My Dementia Companion PRO, the program can intuitively guide professionals through dementia care planning. As dementia is so complex and broad, it can sometimes be hard to remember the key areas to cover off and what should come next. Using the PRO’s carefully curated Topics as a guide, professionals can track their client’s journey through what’s shared and what’s not, thus informing them on what else needs to be part of the care plan for the future.

Sharing also keeps a record which acts as evidence of their support in Aged Care Quality Standards audits (Standards 1-4 for dementia clients).


The PRO also allows professionals to share information instantly on the spot, with a lower chance of loss to follow up. Currently, care professionals are setting too many hours aside a week to search for relevant resources and send them to their clients and families. This causes delays and losses in follow up, with a poorer care experience.

Can I tell clients and carers to share the resources with other family members?


Yes, you can by letting them know that they can forward your message and content to their trusted friends and families. This can be beneficial for some families as evidence has shown better outcomes for those with a strong support network.

In addition, this could empower more people in our community with dementia knowledge, which can lead to an increase in awareness and a reduction in stigma.

When a carer replies, where does the email go?

The replied email will go directly into the work email address that you used to sign up to My Dementia Companion PRO.

How can we link My Dementia Companion PRO to our client management system?

When you share any information, we keep a record of your activity. At the same time, you can also cc yourself a copy, allowing you to sync with your client management software.

Why do I have to Register with my email address to use My Dementia Companion PRO?

Dementia is complex and touches on all aspects of care. Registering allows you to save items for future use and keep track of what you have read.

It also allows you to easily share relevant resources with your clients and families across all personal and daily living. By helping you to automatically keep a record, it helps you to be compliant against Standard 1-4 of the Aged Care Quality Standards.

Please note, if you don’t click “Sign out”, you will stay signed in (as requested by users).

​Is my data kept secure?

Yes, all your data is kept safe according to all relevant government standards and guidelines. You can read our Privacy Policy here.

Can I use My Dementia Companion PRO on my mobile phone and tablet?​


Yes, you can access the PRO through your internet browser. The PRO works best in Google Chrome on your desktop or your smartphone. It is not compatible with Internet Explorer 11 and is not available as an app through Google Play Store or Apple App Store yet. 

Is there a tutorial I can follow?

There are two ways you can learn more about how to use My Dementia Companion PRO:


  1. Start the tool and then go through to the Topic called "Welcome to PRO! Start tutorial here"

  2. Join a live online demo session by clicking here.