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The 2021 Federal Budget and dementia

We are excited that the latest Budget has a strong focus on aged care, dementia and informal carers. This aligns with our mission and also the latest Royal Commission Recommendations to help many more people who need it.

These initiatives total $229M for dementia, $798 for informal carers (family and friend carers) and more for aged care in general.

We look forward to the government, agencies and relevant organisations to implement the following:

  • additional support for dementia training for professionals

  • enhancing support for people living with dementia in the community, including the National Dementia Support Program, National Dementia Helpline and Dementia Behaviour Management Services and Teams

  • improving system and flow to access help and undertake referrals

  • increasing care times

  • increasing respite for carers, especially those being impacted by dementia, flexi respite, centre based respite

  • improving earlier diagnosis

  • assessment for additional entitlement for unpaid carers' leave.

As the Budget is well analysed and covered in many other forums, we will not be undertaking any detailed analysis. You can read the official budget release information from the Department of Health below:

  • the budget on dementia here

  • the budget and informal carers here.


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