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Nov- Dec 23 updates: Content update, feature Tips and more

We hope everyone is sailing into the holiday period safely and smoothly. We also wish everyone a festival season!

There has been many content update this month, including:

  • Section update for people from CALD or non-English speaking backgrounds, including signages and communication cards

  • Over 100 resource and link updates across legal matters, subsidies, care strategies and more.

Our latest Contributor Award goes to Marg from VIC, who has won a $50 gift voucher for not only sharing tips and feedback, but also helping many of her fellow dementia alliance carers on their journey, including getting them started on the CARER app! We thank her for her amazing support!

Note: Please refresh your browser to see the updates.

Content updates

Section update for people from CALD or non-English speaking backgrounds

CALD friendly signages and communication cards | My Dementia Companion

Recognising Australia is a multicultural nation, we are so excited to add links to age-friendly wayfinding signages and communication cards across over 100 languages from the Centre for Cultural Diversity in Ageing.

The links are added to Sections on communication, signages, the home environment and speech difficulties.

You explore these Sections in the "More Topics" tab (CARER app) or "All info" tab (PRO app), or search using keywords such as "CALD", “language”, "Non-english" etc.

Other updates

As we constantly update our curated resources, we have made hundreds of other updates, including:

  • VIC communication aids scheme

  • Repatriation travel scheme

  • Financial Advice Association of Australia

  • Victorian Taxi Scheme

  • Financial Administration for TAS

  • Communicating with someone with hearing loss

  • Companion Card Program in TAS

  • DTA courses on person centred approach and engaging someone living with dementia

  • Vision services in the NT

  • All Carers Gateway training resources

  • And more

You can explore the above updates by searching using relevant keywords.

Note: minor updates are not documented here, such as some wording changes, URL changes, reference updates etc.

And the winner is...

The winner of our latest Contributor Award is Marg from VIC, who has won a $50 gift voucher for contributing to numerous tips, constructive suggestions and feedback! And most importantly, she has played a huge role in proactively supporting other carers in her dementia alliance in their dementia journey, including setting them up with the CARER app.

We thank her for her amazing support!

To learn more about this Award, please click here.

My Dementia Companion Contributor Award


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