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The PRO is

We created the My Dementia Companion tool to help family and friend carers along their dementia journey. Through our progress, we discovered that so many professionals are facing the same problems. So, we are building My Dementia Companion PRO to support dementia advisors, nursing staff, care managers and more in the community

My Dementia Companion PRO.png
What’s the problem


Many dementia and care professionals use the free My Dementia Companion tool for their clients and families in the community. They told us that they are spending ~3-5 hours a week Googling for the relevant support information for themselves and their clients. This is because dementia touches every aspect of one’s life, and the body of support information is just as large, overwhelming and complex.


They have told us that they would love a tool to help them find and share this information more quickly and easily.

What are we going to do about it

So, we are in the process of creating My Dementia Companion PRO to fully support our professionals.


It will be a super intuitive platform that contains 1,000+ pieces of neatly curated, regularly updated, quality, and practical support information. Everything can be found, personalised and shared with the client and family with only a few clicks.​

What's next - our Pilot is FULL
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As this is such a pressing problem (see our Royal Commission comments here). We are busy finalising grants and building the PRO version for our valued dementia care professionals.


  • If you are an aged care provider or professional wanting to improve care and save time, please register your interest here to join our upcoming pilot to be the first to try My Dementia Companion PRO

  • If you are in a position to provide grants or financially support our mission focus project, please contact us.

Looking forward to supporting you in all the amazing work that you do!


  • there is no obligation to participate after registering you interest and the pilot will be FREE

  • the Australian Ageing Agenda wrote an article about the PRO suggesting it's ready for residential 

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