Scenario 4: Boost your dementia knowledge

Scenario takeaway

  • It is always beneficial to familiarise yourself with as much of the resources as possible, or at least what is included within the PRO

  • This can help you 1) build capability to deliver better care (including continual professional development), 2) have much more meaningful and deeper
    interactions on the go, and 3) use the PRO much more efficiently and effectively.

  • You can mark your progress and save items

Tasks to complete

  1. Click on the “All info” tab and scan down the list of Topics. Find a Topic that you are not familiar with and would like to learn more, e.g. “Incontinence and dementia”

  2. Under "View as me", save that Topic by click on the heart at the top right of the right Column, so it’s in your “Saved” tab

  3. Over the coming days or week, learn the resources. You can click “Mark as read” to mark your progress.

  4. If there is a PRO Section with additional courses, consider enrolling and completing any online course or seminars, e.g. “The art and science of caregiving associated with dementia and incontinence”.

Open Book

Scenario notes

Coming across something interesting for you to learn later

In one of your conversations, Jane mentions that Bill is in a clinical trial. You want to learn more about it as it is also relevant for your other clients. 

In such instances, you can:

  • Select “View as me”

  • Save the  Section “Clinical trials and dementia” for you to learn more later

  • Once you have read the information and you are comfortable with this Section, you can mark it as read by clicking on the “Mark as read” button to mark your progress.


You can also apply the same method to a whole Topic


While it’s very easy to access resources in the tool (e.g. search Sections or browse Topics), we recommend you gradually familiarise yourself with the content. This can help you:

  • Build up your general knowledge and competency to support all your clients and carers better

  • Find relevant resources even quicker in the long run.



What resources are included in the PRO?


The PRO contains 1,000+ pieces of quality, up-to-date and practical resources on almost all aspects of dementia care. This is necessary because dementia is so complex and broad, touching on all aspects of life and care.

All resources are also neatly curated in the PRO, so you can navigate and build your dementia care excellence competency more easily. 

This way, you can deliver better care with confidence, whilst saving time.

Accessing the resources


In the “All info” tab:

  • You can access the resources by browsing through the PRO’s list of Topics, which are loosely ordered from early stage to late stage, with the daily challenges and behaviour changes Topics at the end

  • Another way to access the information easily is by typing in keywords in the search bar.

Note, we understand dementia journeys are not linear, thus the PRO carefully curates the vast amount of resources to allow you to navigate them easily.



  • The scenarios do not cover all of the content in My Dementia Companion, nor all the ways it could be used. Please keep exploring!

  • All the information is curated from reputable sources that are designed for people like Jane and Bill. So, assess and if relevant, share with confidence!

  • Handy user tips include: why learn dementia careshortcuts/app icons, adding us to safe sender list, registration tipssharingextra tips and tricks

  • Contact us if you have any questions via the “Questions?” button or the chat icon within the tool, email us or sms/call us 0406 257 729 during business hours.​