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Jan 23 updates: new Champions portal, tutorial video, Resource and more

Happy New Year everyone! We have started the year by hitting the ground running. Please find our updates below for Jan 2023:

  • A new CARER tutorial video was launched including our updated features and a short tutorial on identifying unmet needs to manage changed behaviours and daily challenges. Based on feedback from users, this has been one of the most useful skills for them

  • A new CARER Champion resource portal has been launched to help carer advocates, professionals, and organisors of dementia cafes, carer support groups or alliances to guide families through the journey using the CARER tool Note, like a few of our recent customers, if you are a provider who would like to be a Champion for the CARER in combination with the PRO, please get in touch.

  • Welcomed Suzanne McMeikin to the team, you can read more here

  • We have also extended our free PRO and CARER demo sessions to include Wednesdays and Thursdays for professionals and families to attend to learn more about dementia care and how the world-first My Dementia Companion tools can help them deliver best practice more easily, save more time and more.

  • A new Topic ”Going and leaving hospital with dementia” was added to provide useful suggestions and tips on managing the hospital experience for people living with dementia and their carers

Note: Please refresh your browser to see the updates.

Product updates

New Tutorial video

As we continue to listen and learn from families impacted by dementia, we have continued to improve the CARER tool. We have just released a new tutorial video with all the new features.

In addition, we have also included a short segment explaining how to identify unmet needs to manage changed behaviours and daily challenges. We are highlighting this because users have told us this is one of the most useful skills they have developed from using My Dementia Companion.

It is also great to see professionals value this Topic to coach their clients and carers through it. We will be launching an updated PRO tutorial video soon.

You can click here to watch the new tutorial video, including transcript.

New CARER Champion portal

Due to popular demand, we have launched a new CARER Champion resource portal!

A Champion can be a professional from an aged care provider, care advocate, an organiser of a dementia cafe, carer support group and dementia alliances. They can request some additional resources from us on how to best guide their clients and carers through the dementia journey, access subsidies and manage challenges.

This includes explaining about the dementia journey at local meetings, helping to register or sign users up to the CARER tool, and including us in their welcome packs and more.

This portal includes:

  • A short blurb for you to copy and paste

  • CARER flyer

  • Tutorial video (mentioned above)

  • A guide to explaining what is dementia care, the dementia journey and what it means to a carer

  • and much more.

You can find the portal here and it can also be found through the Resource page.

If you are interested in becoming a Champion, please contact us.

Note, a number of organisational professionals have signed up to be Champions for the CARER tool whilst also using the PRO. If you would like to discuss we can improve your organisation’s quality of care, save time, reduce audit risk and improve compliance, please get in touch.

Team updates

New team member and demo times

Due to customer demand and the amount of work we still have to do to improve care for people with dementia in Australia, we have welcomed our newest team member Suzanne McMeikin (read more here)!

This is also coupled up with us expanding our free PRO and CARER demo sessions to include Wednesdays and Thursdays for professionals and families to join.

In these short sessions, they can learn about dementia care, how dementia impacts their roles and life, and how the world-first My Dementia Companion tools can help them deliver best practice easier, save more time and more.

Book a free demo by clicking here.

Content updates

New Topic "Going to and leaving the hospital with dementia"

Going to and leaving the hospital can be a challenging experience for many people. For people living with dementia, it can be extra challenging to manage.

When inappropriately managed, it can lead to a faster deterioration, poorer quality of life, triggering changed behaviours and daily challenges, and more.

There are strategies that can help with this transition, both for emergency and planned trips to the hospital. You can find this Topic in the "More Topics" tab (CARER app) or "All info" tab (the PRO app), or search for it with keywords such as "hospitals" etc.

Other updates

In addition to the above, we have made over 60 other content updates, notably updates to medication management, music therapy suggestions and more.

Note: minor updates are not documented here, such as some wording changes, URL changes, reference updates etc.

Featured Tip

This month’s featured Tip is from Tracey in TAS, who is trying to help her husband with navigating the home more easily:

We try to help Chris navigate around the house with confidence and remain independent as much as possible. One of the best and simplest ways is by using signs. We use signs which include an image of the room or item associated with it as well as the word. For example, we put a sign with a picture of a shower in blue so it is a contrasting colour to the white door for the bathroom, a label for the sock drawer includes a picture of red socks to contrast the light gray drawer. We got these signs from a friend's daughter working in aged care and printed them off in big font and put them at eye level, so that he can see them easily.

This is a good reminder how some very simple adjustments to the home can make a big difference. This Tip can be found in the Section “Helping the person to find his/her way around the home” (under the Topic “Simple techniques to cope with changes at home”), or also in the section “How to make the person's home environment more dementia friendly” (under the Topic “The home environment and dementia”).


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