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Champions for the CARER tool

Welcome to the Home Page for My Dementia Companion CARER tool Champions!

This page includes:

A quick introduction

A Champion can be a carer or a care professional who is an advocate for the My Dementia Companion CARER tool and wishes to introduce it to other family/friend carers to self manage their dementia journey, including:

  • navigating the care system more easily to access support, subsidies and services

  • managing challenges more confidently, including daily challenges or changed behaviours.

We are so thankful for all of our Champion's help to improve dementia care, including:

Care managers referring individual families and show them how the CARER tool can help them as part of their HCP care plan or NDIS plan

Presenting to carers, GP’s or other professionals at meetings or knowledge sharing sessions

Dementia alliances and carer support groups assist carers with registering and utilising the CARER tool during their education sessions, e.g. structuring each training session around a specific CARER Topic

And much more

Adding us (e.g. our flyers or videos) to resource packs or welcome packages at local carer support groups, dementia forums, client or networks

Resources for the CARER tool Champions


The CARER tool is very simple to use and most families can start on their own. But depending on your organisation's processes, you can start a family/ friend carer by:

  1. Use the email template and resources below to get them started

  2. Invite us to your carer group meeting or education session to do a quick demo (contact us)

  3. Referring them to us through a demo session here or contact us (with the name of your client and carer).

Note: if you are a care professional (e.g. care manager), don't forget to document your referral to the CARER in your care notes (can be funded under HCP or NDIS), and use the PRO app to support them ad hoc.

Here are some resources you can use one or a combination, depending on your situation and need.

  • The CARER Flyer: An 1-page flyer about the CARER tool, which you can email or distribute as a hard copy

  • Tutorial video: A short video explaining how the CARER tool works, including the registration process, navigating the tool, and principles of managing changed behaviours and daily challenges. You can share this video or watch it with others

  • Presentation slides: This includes the presentation slides we use when presenting to you in the demo. You can use the presentation in conversations or presentations to give others a high level summary of the problem we are solving, the dementia journey, how the CARER tool helps, and how to register for the CARER tool

  • CARER Starter Guide: A more detailed guide to help you start others with the CARER tool. It supplements the Tutorial Video Demo presentation above, including a step-by-step guide to register, navigate the key features within the CARER tool and tips on managing changed behaviours and challenges. It includes a short FAQ for your reference

  • Dementia care for carers: This explains the dementia journey and dementia care for family/ friend carers in detail, including why they need to learn about it all. You can use this to supplement the above resources, for your own learning or walking others through it (it is also included in the Topic “Welcome! Start here for carer basics & more”)

  • Creating shortcuts/ app icons: Information to help a family or friend carers set up easy access to the CARER tool from their desktop and mobile

  • Subscription management: Steps to help a user activate and manage their subscription, including applying a discount code

  • Pricing and trial information: Find information on our free trial and very modest subscription fees, including why we charge a fee. Note, the CARER tool can be claimed under Home Care Packages or NDIS Plan

  • FAQ for CARER tool: This page includes more detailed Frequently Asked Questions on the CARER app.


If your clients and their carers have any questions:

  • contact us here, via the "Questions?" button or the chat icon within the CARER tool

  • book in for a live demo session with us here. If the times don't suit, contact us to organise another time.

You can also sms/call us on 0406 257 729 during business hours (Melbourne time), if you have any questions or suggestions.​

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