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User Tips for Resetting Password

Here you will find some user tips for resetting your password.

When would I need to reset my password?


You may need to reset your password when:

  • you have forgotten your password

  • when you are using PRO for the first time. This is because when we activated you PRO account, we had to create a temporary password, which you have to now reset to proceed.

Note: for PRO users, you only need to do this once (unless you forget your password in the future). In the future, you can click on the orange "Launch Tool" button to go straight into the tool

How to reset my password?

1. You can reset your password by clicking here on your desktop computer. The following screen will open and you can enter your email address. Then click "Continue".

Note: while the tools are compatible with mobile, this process must be done on the computer. 



2. You will see the following screen prompting you to go to your Email Inbox for the verification email and link.



3. In your Email Inbox, click on the "Click here" link to verify this is you.


  • this link is valid for 1 hour for security purposes

  • be sure to check your Spam or Junk folder if you don't get this email.

  • if your default browser is Internet Explorer, please click here to learn how to open it in Google Chrome (like many other online tool, it doesn't work in Internet Explorer)



4. The following screen will appear in a new browser after the system confirming it is you. 

Create your new password.



5. If you are a new PRO account user, please follow the prompts to onboard the tool (picture below).

If you already have an account, you will enter directly into the tool.


For future use, you can just click on the orange "Launch Tool" button to go straight into the tool, or click here to learn ways to create shortcuts for easy access.

Please don't hesitate to contact us any time if you have questions or attend one of our live tutorial/ training sessions.

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